Our People

She won!! So proud and delighted that our longest-serving volunteer Amanda, was announced as the winner at last night’s awards evening hosted by the Plunkett Foundation @plunkettfoundation The award category, ‘People’s Choice Award’ recognises one person who has made an outstanding contribution to the business, and Amanda was nominated for her consistency in volunteering every Monday morning for the ten years since the business was started, and for welcoming newcomers to the village with a phone list and a Lodsworth Larder tote bag. She and Lodsworth Larder have now been selected for the national finals of the 2019 Rural Community Business Awards, run by the charity the Plunkett Foundation. This lovely interview shows how passionate Amanda is about her local community, and what volunteering means to her


Lodsworth Larder is run by a volunteer management committee, who bring with them a wealth of experience, in finance, marketing and advertising.  The shop is run on a day to day basis by a group of duty managers who work in a rota.

However the key to Lodsworth Larder’s success is the continual support of our volunteer staff members. To put it simply without the commitment of our volunteers we would not be able to function.

We are fortunate to have many creative people living in the village, and much of our shop display is created by our volunteers. All our volunteers receive comprehensive training and support, we have also helped volunteers to gain nationally recognised qualifications in food hygiene.volunteers

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, from teenagers working towards their Duke of Edingburgh award, to volunteers in their seventies. Most people have a regular shift, but we also have a pool of people who are happy to help out as and when needed. Volunteers are involved in all aspects of running the shop, from manning the till, to stocking the shelves and most importantly bringing their own unique creativity to the running of The Larder

Here Lynne Todd, one of our longstanding volunteers, describes a busy Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning in the The Larder

8.30am Arrival – Good morning,

– Name the ordered newspapers, then put the rest outside in the hayrack

– Bag up the bread, fresh from the bakers in Haslemere

– Serve a couple of customers. One asks about the shop’s solar panels, how much power they produce etc and admires the design of the shop. Just at that moment (conveniently!) Ben Law walks in … so they talk about the shop, power generation etc. Ben has also brought some veg to be sold, including some kohl rabi and some rather unusual, gorgeous looking lettuce and does his own shopping.

– Make fresh coffee

– Serve a couple more customers, including a chap who is having a party for sixty people tonight and forgot to buy loo roll when he got everything else at the supermarket, I go up to the stockroom and find an outer, apparently they are having a curry!

– A local supplier comes in bearing gleaming redcurrants and loganberries in punnets she’s just picked from the allotment, to be sold in the shop

Serve a couple more customers, including a girl anxiously sending off her graduation ceremony attendance card – we assure her that the post is collected at eleven.

Reorganise the muddle of stamps into labelled envelopes – we now have a system.

Large tractor stops outside and the driver buys his lunch, a drink etc. He says he got a fridge in the cab!
– Serve and talk to more customers. One customer complains about the (same) tractor driver who made her go back down the narrow road and then commented about “poor women drivers, who can’t reverse” .

Set lettuce into water, so that they keep better. The next customer buys one and leaves a trail of drips through the shop!
– Serve some small children counting out their pennies for sweets.

– Fill large bowls with two kinds of fresh olives..

– Also refill the display of croissants which are fast disappearing.

– Make more coffee.

– The next customer comments on the lovely smell in the shop, a combination of fresh fruit, veg, bread, olives.

he butcher delivers fresh meat for the weekend.

– Serve a more customers,

– Wash up

– Noon – hometime